The SPCA in Audignicourt

This 6x13cm glass stereoview was published by La Stéréoscopie Universelle and has a caption “Audignicourt – Tank Renault – 9282”. It’s a rich image with good composition. Most interesting however is the person in the foreground. The soldier is photographing or filming. He photographs or films from a tripod, which indicates that he’s using heavy… Continue reading The SPCA in Audignicourt

Gott strafe England

This stereoview shows a group of German prisoners of war guarded by French soldiers on horses. They’re walking along a house with the text Gott strafe England! 1914/15. The photo was taken in the village of Bucy-le-Long in Northern France. Gott strafe England (“May God punish England”) was a slogan used by the German army during the… Continue reading Gott strafe England

Autochrome stereoviews of the Great War – part I

Less than one-thousandth of the images from the First World War are colour images[1]. Most were produced by the photography unit of the French army, La Section Photographique et Cinématographique de l’Armée (SPCA). Photographers like Paul Castelnau, Fernand Cuville and Albert Samama Chikli made images by using the autochrome colour process at various locations of… Continue reading Autochrome stereoviews of the Great War – part I

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