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Éditions S.T.L. was a trademark of Lavelle et Cie[1], a publisher of postcards and stereoviews. The company was founded around 1905 and located at Rue du Parc 37 in Issy-les-Moulineaux, Paris[2]. The company had a long history and was still in business after the Second World War, when it published sets of postcards about the liberation of Paris[3].

Advertisment from 1926

After the First World War it published a series of stereoviews with war scenes. The views were available in the glass formats 45 x 107mm and 6 x 13cm and as paper stereo cards. The total number of titles is estimated about 2.000[4]. Many stereoviews can be linked to the publisher because of the abbreviation “S.T.L.”. The stereoviews are of high quality with good contrast, tonality and stereo depth effect. It seems that Éditions S.T.L. favoured quality over quantity[4].

193 – Reims – Rue des Cordeliers
6x13cm glass stereoview by Éditions S.T.L.
193 – Reims – Rue des Cordeliers
6x13cm glass stereoview by Éditions S.T.L.
Cardboard box for 45x107mm glass stereoviews


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